TOMO Prepaid


1. The TOMO Coffee Prepaid is available to everyone via the official TOMO Coffee website.
2. Loading the prepaid is possible through bank transfer, GCash transfer, or cash payment.
3. Top-up amounts for the TOMO prepaid range from P1,000 to P10,000, with amounts below or above this range not considered valid.
4. Customers can also receive limited-edition TOMO merch based on the top-up amount, such as a TOMO shirt for P1,000, a TOMO cup for P2,000, and a TOMO tote bag for P3,000. These exclusive items can be claimed upon using the funds in the prepaid and reaching the necessary balance in the account.
5. After obtaining the prepaid, customers can order TOMO drinks through their TOMO account on the website.
6. Drink orders must be placed online, and customers can select the location for claiming their drinks.
7. Claiming is restricted to one drink per transaction; for multiple drinks, separate online orders are required.
8. Customers can claim drinks by presenting the receipt at the chosen TOMO branch or arranging delivery through the branch’s official Facebook page using Lalamove or GrabFood.
9. Transaction history is available on the customer’s account, and the spent amount is automatically deducted from the TOMO prepaid.
10. Customers can choose any drink from the menu, including add-ons and milk upgrades, through their TOMO account.
11. Participants in the TOMO prepaid promo receive a 15% discount on each drink and can get 2 (two) FREE TOMO drinks.
12. The money loaded on the TOMO prepaid wallet is non-transferable to cash, and participants forfeit eligibility for future promos and discounts.

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